Sunday, 1 December 2013

I'm just me

I'm just me
Living on the edge
Listening to the voices
Seeing all the pain
Feeling the emotions.

I'm just me
Sitting in the gutter
Close to the margins
Watching life
Whistling a tune.

I'm just me
Can't you see me?
I've been watching
Waiting for a moment
Quietly whispering.

I'm just me
Really a nobody
Gazing at the stars
Silently praying 
For you to see...

©revdjo 1/12/13


  1. I needed this poem tonight Jo, thank you... i'm just me, living on the edge.

    1. So glad it helped you. It's OK to be you. There is normally a touch of me in the poems but they are, I think, meant for other people. Prayers for you.


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